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Take control of each process

Good products are from good raw material source ,HoHo smart film,the PDLC liquid crystal molecular material is imported from the United States ,the ITO conductive film is imported from Japan.Under transparent condition, transmittance is strictly controlled above 80%, and leading the industry standard.
In order to guarantee the quality of the manufactured goods ,HoHo smart film has gone through 11 procedures and 3 inspection procedures,take control of each process,only to provide users with better quality products experience.

Professional packaging and logistics

HoHo smart glass use the triangle stable wooden structure and effectively prevent unexpected accidents such as glass fragmentation. At the same time, we cooperate with the leaders of the domestic logistics industry, In ensuring transportation safety at the same time, more products can reach the user at the first time, to ensure delivery.

Professional construction team

Because of the special nature of intelligent products, when you do not have the construction conditions, we have professional construction team to provide you with on-site construction services, on-site testing, inspection.

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