Smart Film
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HOHO Smart Film

Redefine Your Glass

Based on PDLC Crystal Technology /Transparent -power on , Opaque-power off
HD(High Definition) Projection Effect,Modern Intelligent Home and Office 「Upstar」

Privacy Partition

Privacy Protection
Refusing Peeping

Interaction Projection

HD Pictures
Extraordinary Experience

Sound Insulation

Acoustic Damping
Enjoy the Quiet

Various Control

APP/Sound /Light Control
More Intelligent

Heat Insulation

Only Sun Block
Can Heat be Insulated


Broken But not Cracked
Really Safe

Partition Space

This moment, own the scenery
Next second,leave you space

Break the fixed space,Let the space be more extended effect, privacy, open, arbitrary

Broken But not Cracked

More Safer explosion-proof glass

Intelligent Dimming Glass Middle Dimming Film
When the Glass is Hit by Severe Intensity
Can Absorb the glass fragments, Prevent the Glass Splashes Hurting People Effectively

HD Projection Multi -touch Control

Using high-definition projector,Rear projection dimming glass,Imaging results are outstanding

Match HOHO Special touchable Frame,More able to achieve multi-touch control

Acoustic Damping Enjoy the Quiet

Dimming glass in the middle of the dimming film has the effect of noise obstructing, the ability of anti-noise is increased by 20% more than ordinary glass

Keep Knowing

Technical Parameters