Automotive Films

High Performance, High Quality

HOHOFILM® ’s cutting-edge lineup features Paint Protection Film, Window Tint, Car Wraps, and Smart Film—delivering superior protection, style, and innovation for your vehicle.


HOHOFILM® is a top manufacturer that supplies PPF, window tint, car wraps and smart film.

With the heart of a craftsman, HOHOFILM® focuses on producing the best and most suitable car film;
With high-quality and efficient service, HOHOFILM® provides every customer luxury experience;
With an innovative, intelligent and open attitude, HOHOFILM® offers the best solution to your vehicle.
Development History
HOHOFILM® was established with a vision to revolutionize automotive film industry.
HOHOFILM® stormed into the market, swiftly capturing the public eye.
HOHOFILM® perseveres in product development, achieving genuine and effective brand competitiveness.
HOHOFILM® transitioned to mass production, enabling better control over product quality and production cycles.
HOHOFILM® introduced groundbreaking innovations in its product line, solidifying its position as an industry trendsetter.
HOHOFILM® products are sold nationwide with multiple country agents, evolving into a leading international brand.