Smart Roof

HOHOFILM® Smart film applies PDLC technology, which enable ordinary glass to achieve dual visual effects of “power off-opaque” and “power on-transparent”. HOHOFILM® PDLC smart film for vehicle sunroof is the best way to extend the life of your interior. With the high UV protection our privacy film gives incredible results.

Coating Structure
Working Principle

Power On —— Transparent

When the power is on, two PET-ITO conductive film functions as planar electrodes, which makes the liquid crystal droplets orderly arranged perpendicular to the film surface, whereby the parallel light passes through the liquid crystal layer without being reflected and refracted, the light transmits to whole film, so smart film appears transparent.

Power Off —— Opaque

When the power is off, the liquid crystal droplets are in disordered arrangement state, when parallel light passes through the polymer and irradiate to the liquid crystal material, because of refractive index of the liquid crystal droplets is lower than the other outer polymers, light in the surface of liquid crystal droplets is diffused and scattered. the whole film becomes opaque, appears frosted.

Package Details

If you're interested in HOHOFILM® Smart Roof Film, you can give us the type of your car and then we will customize for you. In the package, it includes 1 piece HOHOFILM® Smart Roof Film, power supply , remote control and other accessories. When you receive the package, you can install it on your car directly. With the package, we also will send you installation instruction, so you don't worry about how to install it on your car.